Sex & Social Media

They were told $40,000.00 and instant fame. All they had to do was perform a few sexual favours in front of the camera, and everything else will flow.

Some people call them stupid, naïve, sweet, hot, crazy, gullible, baddest. Just as the zip file or folder that their videos came in was named (1 whores).

The man in front and behind the camera also took some bashing; all the comments led to the size of his manhood, and the words he used to lure these girls into pornography. All this could have been seen by just clicking on a short link that included the words ‘media’ and ‘fire’ to download.

The media held the rod of correction over their heads, with posts upon posts, comments after comments, every Tom, Dick and Harry shared a view.

However, when I said media, it wasn’t the regular traditional media, no, this was the newest and fastest growing media of the 20th century; social media.

Almost 90% of the world population has access to any one type of social media, such as facebook, twitter & My Space, so I guess these girls, these ‘Trini girls’, are now worldwide celebs.

But was it right for persons using different social media (who can also be viewed as citizen journalists), to repost or resend these files to others? Didn’t the bible say ‘he who is without sin cast the first stone’? So why are we judging? Why are we encouraging it by reposting?

Or is it that the shocking imagery of these girls, forced us into a verbal trance, that we deemed it news worthy. And because it was so news worthy that the creator or heads of these social media did not need to censor or delete these footage from inception?

I am still not sure, can you tell me?


Ken Sambury said...

i like this article

Curtis said...

My word ting so happens in trinidad too. I guess when America sneezes to whole world catches a cold.

Derek Achong said...

I saw d video some of dem girls bess. If any of them reading this blog I offering 50, 000 for them to act in my video, doh worry it will be more high class and tasteful.Please apply via email by sending your contact information and a couple pictures of yourself(clothing optional), no passport sized photos though, below the waist preferably.
But on a serious note, they should have expected this especially with the numerous warnings of the darker side of of social media.

zinzie said...

great article well said am really sorry for trinis now ah days following everything them american does do hummmm

Anonymous said...

gr8 article. its just amazing how ppl use the social media to become 'celebrities' overnight. @ Derek...smh,

Christine said...

This just goes to show how hard hit our economy is after the recession...who can blame the girls lollz